Coca Cola Woods   **Sold**

1,065 aCRES farmland
hISToRIC fLOODED gREEN tIMBER land IN Woodruff County, Arkansas

The Coca Cola Woods (also known as Harv’s Duck Club) offers some of the best green timber duck hunting in the Mid South.  Generations have enjoyed the best of green timber duck hunting in the Coca Cola Woods. It’s 10,000 s.f. lodge makes the stay even better.
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* 1,065 acres Total
* 665 acres controlled Green Timber Duck Hunting
* 400 acres Duck and Deer Hunting on Bayou Deview
* Thousands of Mallards killed in Flooded Green Timber
* 10,000 s.f. Lodge
* 75 acres of Farm ground  
* (Watch Video)
* (Watch Video)
(Watch Video)


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