Bayou Deview Farm & Hunting Club **SOLD**

26o Acres farmland
duck and deer hunting along the Bayou Deview in Woodruff County, Arkansas

This property offers both green timber duck hunting on Bayou Deview and irrigated rice land on its 260 acres. The Coca Cola Woods (formerly known as Harv’s Duck Club) and other proven duck properties (Green Oaks, TNT, Cheatam Lake, Mallard Field, adjoining duck clubs on the north and south) are located in the immediate vicinity of Bayou Deview Farm and Hunting Club. The combination of proven green, timber, duck hunting, and positive annual cash flows (from farming and CRP) is difficult to find in the Bayou Deview area.

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• Proven Duck Hunting on Bayou Deview as well as flooded rice fields adjoining Bayou Deview
• 260 acres located 5 minutes from Fair Oaks, AR; 1.5 hours from Little Rock, AR; and just over an hour from Memphis, TN
• 193 acres of Improved Cropland (two wells, underground pipe with risers, levee system) suitable for all grain crops
• Great Homesite on high ridge overlooking bottomland field and woods along Bayou Deview
• Over 50 acres of CRP provides additional income and cover for deer
• Numerous Deer on and around property
• Potential additional Income from Gas Leases
• Good access on gravel road off HW 269

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