Alligator Bayou Hunting Club  **SOLD**

560 Acres farmland

Hughes, ARkansas

Alligator Bayou Hunting Club in Arkansas provides a safe land investment option, proven duck hunting property, irrigated farm (rice) land, and a quality outdoor recreational property. Alligator Bayou Hunting Club is located 40 minutes from Memphis in Eastern Arkansas in the heart of the Mississippi flyway. The asking price for this property is $1,820,000 

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• Years of proven duck hunting in the cyress-filled Alligator Bayou, rice fields, and other natural habitat
• 3 precision leveled rice fields providing good cash flows as well as proven duck hunting
• Repeatedly Featured on National Television Programs
• Property Highlight is One Mile of Cypress-Filled Alligator Bayou, providing years of hunting and fishing.
• 560 Acres Total, 120 Acres of Precision Leveled Rice Ground
• Approximately 350 acres water during duck season
• Located One Mile From Mud Lake and Near Mississippi and St. Francis Rivers
• Most Hunting Standing by Trees in Natural Habitat
• 5 Pits and 4 Blinds Provide Additional Hunting
• Property Also Offers Large Deer, Fishing, and Wild Quail
• Investment Opportunity Enhanced By Gas Leases on Adjoining Properties
*The asking price for this property is $1,820,000 or $3,250 per acre

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